This is last of the three photo essays of the Inward Series that I conceptualised and put together with my colleagues, Parshati Dutta and Piyush Das.

‘We breathe the light, we breathe the music, we breathe the moment as it passes through us.’
Anne Rice

As the isolation continues, our next inward journey explores our panchaindriyas or the five senses through the sense of gandha or smell. After a successful run with the two — OUT is IN and RAAGA NOTES — SSAA inward Series returns with GANDHA.

Upanishads consider breath (prana) as the lord of all the body organs…

This is second of the three photo essays of the Inward Series that I conceptualised and put together with my colleagues, Parshati Dutta and Piyush Das. It is a mapping of some of the prominent Indian Raag and their associations with time, season, architecture, and filmy interpretations.


‘We rarely hear the inward music, but we’re all dancing to it nevertheless.’

As the isolation continues, we turn to music for recreation, for solace, and for healing. After a successful run with the Out is In, SSAA inward Series
returns with Raaga Notes.

A Raaga for every season, every time of…

Isolated living that this pandemic has imposed on us makes us reflect on some of the architectural decisions that we adopted in the last century. Most notably, the role of Architecture in distancing us from the natural world.

This is a photo-essay on the outdoor spaces that are indoors. Conceptualised and put together with my colleagues Parshati Dutta and Piyush Das during the outdoor deprived Spring of 2020.


Photo by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash

I’m intrigued by how often corona changes its looks. From a bouncy white ball with fine red tentacles, to an angry red and black…and around Christmas it may adorn a festive red and green. What do you really look like corona and why do you come in so many colors?

Photo by kazuend on Unsplash

This is to take stock of some of the ideas expressed in the context of webinar discussions on new trends in architecture, design and planning. A new set of vocabulary is emerging indicating a change. This new vocabulary may help in providing clarity on new approaches and interventions. This shift has stemmed from a quietened state of mind of a society that has so far functioned by measuring profit, winning, defeating, conquering, topping as its indicators of success. This quietening must be recognised and vocalised, so that it can show us a new path. …

Education as Medication

Intellectual pursuits have often been considered as ‘food’ for the mind. Food that helps our mind grow by providing it nourishment and strength. Mainstream Science acknowledges the correlation of body and mind, and Education is certainly something that helps us through our ‘growing up’ years to prepare us for action and a purposeful existence in the world.

Human Life requires Saving

The natural tendency of human life to self-destruct is resisted in its infancy and through adolescence well into adulthood, by vaccinations, carefully mapped benchmarks of growth, performance, and test reports. Medical and Educational systems contribute towards armouring human life…

These thoughts were presented in response to general questions that surround the subject of Women in Architecture Education on the 12th March 2019 in an international conference on THE 21ST CENTURY WOMAN: REPRESENTATIONS AND EXPRESSIONS (12–13 March 2019 at PGDAV College, University of Delhi).

#1 Number of women in the profession: Education and Industry

It is not so much about more or less women entering the profession but to see Women in Education as a sign of the changes that the disciplines of Architecture and Design are experiencing. The future of these professions is feminine. …

This obsession with newness: new clothes, new house, cleaned as though new…is connected to the Modernist ideal of the original. If your idea is not original and new, you probably will not be able to join the hall of fame of ‘original thinkers’. If your design is not ‘original’ or if someone spots a similarity with some other design , you will have to hang your head in shame.

But who cares and why? The policing system that guards originality and newness, plays on peoples fear and anxiety of being dragged into court for plagiarism and breach of copyright. …

Customised Learning: some preliminary thoughts

The question that has triggered these thoughts is: Why does the work of a 17 year old student of Architecture in India appear to have less complexity and maturity than its counterpart in America or UK (or in the West)? A standard undergraduate degree program, conducted anywhere in the world ought to achieve the same expected outcomes. And yet, it doesn’t. When compared to American students, the work of architecture students in India comes across as clumsy and less confident, thereby reflecting a kind of struggle for clarity and sophistication of expression. Obviously, this doesn’t…

Vibhuti Sachdev

Dr Vibhuti Sachdev is Professor and Dean at Sushant School of Art and Architecture

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